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Product Groups

ALUMINUM USA represents the entire value chain of the aluminum industry. Aluminum producers, aluminum processors as well as suppliers of technologies and accessories for aluminum productions, processing and refinement meet their buyers within 2 days in Nashville. Here you will find the complete product group index of ALUMINUM USA.

Raw materials, Primary metal products, Semi-finished products, Semi-fabricates

  • Raw materials, Working materials, Supplies
  • Primary metal products, Remelted products
  • Granulates, Powder, Paste, Wool, Foam
  • Semi-finished products, semi-fabricates
    • Rolled products, unfinished
    • Rolled products, surface-treated
    • Composite semi-fabricates (sheet, strip)
    • Sections made from strip
    • Round blanks
    • Slug
    • Extruded products, unfinished
    • Extruded products, surface-treated
    • Rod and bar
    • Tube
    • Wire
    • Die-forged and hammer-forged components
    • Impact extruded engineering components
    • Shaped sheet components
    • Perforated sheets
    • Plate
    • Bar
    • Ingot
    • Others
  • Castings
    • Pressure Die-Casting
    • Sand Casting and Mold Casting
    • Magnesium and magnesium alloy castings
  • Thixoforming
  • Powder metallurgy

Aluminum products for special application

  • Building and Construction
    • Supporting elements
    • Decorative elements
    • Industrialized buildings
    • Components (windows, doors, gates etc.)
  • Road transport (cars, HGV’s, buses)
    • Body-exterior
    • Body-interior
    • Powertrain engineering
    • Traffic structures/guide systems
    • Others
  • Rail, water, air transport
    • Parts for railway vehicles
    • Parts for ships and boats
    • Parts for the aerospace industry
  • Electrical engineering + electronics
  • Mechanical & general engineering
  • Design oriented applications
    • Kitchen, household, furniture, garden
    • Sport equipment
    • Others
  • Factory equipment
  • Packaging
  • Apparatus and container construction

Surface treatment

  • Special surface treatment for aluminum products
    • Polishing
    • Anodising
    • Electroplating
    • Chromating
    • Coating
  • Equipment, materials, consumables and accessories for surface treatment technology and corrosion protection

Light-metals trade and Recycling

  • Light-metals trade, general
  • Light-metals trade in special products
  • Aluminum recycling
  • Treatment and recycling of industrial waste

Plant, machinery and accessories and equipment for aluminum extraction, processing and refining

  • Raw materials processing
  • Primary reduction
  • Melting, casting, heat treatment and reheating technology (incl. furnaces)
    • Industrial furnaces + furnace components
    • Melt treatment + transport
    • Casting of semis
    • Shape castings
  • Refractories and insulation
  • Rolling mill technology
  • Extrusion and drawing
  • Forging and extrusion moulding
  • Sheet fabrication technology
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Machining
  • Metal construction work
  • Joining technology
  • Strip and foil processing, foil finishing and packaging technology
  • Environmental and ecological protection
  • Tool, die and mould making
  • General factory
  • Measurement and testing
  • Scrap processing, recovery, reclamation, processing and recycling
  • Stockholding equipment and systems
  • Tube production
  • Mechanical handling
  • Jobbing, Jobbing services, sub-contractors
    • Heat treatment
    • Forming, machining, cutting
    • Joining
    • Others

Services, consultancy

  • Software for process simulation, computer programmes
  • Engineering services
  • Energy services
  • Consultancy / Project Management
  • Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing
  • Expert opinions
  • Technology transfer

Information, Education, Others

  • Information
  • Education, training
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Associations
  • Events
  • Protective Equipment and Clothing
  • Others


Booth Design

You do not have your own company stand yet or you are looking for a stand construction company? The stand construction partner of ALUMINUM USA is the company FreemanXP. Besides shell schemes they offer individual presentation opportunities, too.

Booth packages with full-service

Your benefits:

  • Convenient order service: Simply choose your optimal booth concept and we organize everything for you.
  • Customisation service: Create your individual stand adding supplementary elements.
  • On-site service: You will receive personal support on-site during the build-up time and during the show time of ALUMINUM USA.

For further information please contact:

Our stand construction partner FreemanXP is gladly at your disposal for more information about further equipment and individual offers. For further information concerning individual presentation please contact:

Company Freeman XP
Contact: Kelli Tometich, Client Solutions Manager
Phone: 615.884.5707